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Cullinan Bicycle Experience

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld
Experience an exciting and eco-friendly tour around the streets of Cullinan village.
Go out for a half-day cycling adventure around the village and get to know the history of this village. Learn about the formation of diamonds, mining and other interesting things. Cullinan big hole: The mine started as an open pit in 1903 and now the hole is 1km long and 500m wide and 450-500m deep. Two times bigger than Kimberly big hole!
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What you Get???
  • Half-day (2-3 hour) bicycle tour 
  • Bicycle & Helmet provided 
  • Beer tasting (Thursdays to Sundays only)
  • Bottle of mineral water

R290.00 per person

R390.00 per person (include lunch)


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Need to Know
  • Unfortunately we don’t have kids bicycle, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Light to moderate fitness, people of all ages are suited for these tours.
  • Excludes Museum entrances
  • Excludes Lunch & Beverages